Animal Omens by Victoria Hunt

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Your pocket guide to animal wisdom.

Title: Animal Omens

ISBN: 9780738713779

Author:  Victoria Hunt



As creatures uniquely attuned to the earth, animals can teach us important lessons about life.  All you need to do is open your mind and your heart to receive their divine knowledge.

Combining ancient wisdom with modern living, Animal Omens presents true animal encounter stories, and then shows how the spiritual significance of each animal can deepen your connection to nature and enrich your life.  Learn how to solve problems with the hummingbird's joyful flexibility, achieve goals with the horse's strength and determination, or be inspired to make a life change by the mysterious beauty of the butterfly.

On your journey through life, let the sacred wisdom of animals guide your spirit.

This personal and engaging book shows you how each animal carries a particular omen - a personal and significant message helping to guide you on your life path. Twenty-nine true animal encounter stories are followed by insightful explanations of each animal's corresponding omen, and how their messages can help you make important life decisions. Not sure whether it's the right time to switch jobs or relocate? An unexpected visit from a lingering butterfly can signal a period of imminent change and transformation in your life.

Organized alphabetically by animal and compact enough to carry, this inspirational reference guide can be taken along on introspective nature walks. Foster a closer connection with nature and learn about yourself - with a little bit of animal wisdom.

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