Clivers 1kg - Country Park Herbs for horses

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Country Park Herbs - Clivers in 1kg package.

Clivers has been used to treat lymphatic congestion that would benefit from Diuretic and alterative herbs. Historically clivers has been used in the treatment of skin ailments as it cleanses the blood and helps the body find relief from ezema and greasy heel. Because Clivers helps to detoxify the body it will also be useful for use of horses with allergies.

Attention WA Customers - WA Quarantine Regulations does not permit us to send this herb to WA.  We are permitted to send you the Powdered version of the herb.

Country Park Herbs - Clivers for horses

1 kg packaging shipped around Australia

CLIVERS - Galium aparine

Clivers has antiseptic qualities and is a general detoxifier.  High in Silica, it assists in the management and treatment of skin disorders.  It is a herb used for treating the urinary system, but as many herbs can be used to treat urinary tract infections, professional herbal advice is recommended to get the most appropriate herb for the specific problem area.  Also used to ease swollen legs and joints, support the lymphatic and endocrine systems and encourage the elimination of toxins, Clivers is also helpful if your horse esperiences muscle tightening during or after exercise.

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