Decron Osmotic Gel 200mL

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Decron Osmotic Gel - Assists in the management of Hoof Problems, open wounds, inflammation and bruising, Sprains, STrains and Muscular aches and Pains

Decron Osmotic Gel 200mL


Decron Osmotic Gel - Simply apply to any part of the horse that requires treatment. 

The Benefits of Decron Osmotic Gel

  1. Fast and Effective healing Qualities - Assists in reducing Inflammation and infection in the hoof
  2. Relievs preasure in the hoof, encouraging lamanitic horses to move around, boosts circulation to the hoof
  3. Draws the Bruising from the sole to reduce pain and encourge stationary horses to keep moving
  4. Creates a warm moist environment in open wounds to encourage wound healing and new skin growth
  5. Helps to limit proud flesh
  6. Warmth generated by the decron Osmotic Gel increases blood flow to Sprains and Strains thereby promoting healing
  7. All Natural oils - Glycerine, Lavender OIl, Melaleuca Oil and Arnica


How to apply the Decron Osmotic Gel

a) Clean and Dry the Effected Area

b) Hoof Treatments - Cover the Sole with the Osmotic Gel and place a hoof pad in position.  Place the Hoof into the Decron Hoof Boot and wrap with a bandage.

c) Open Wounds - Apply the Osmotic Gel to the would Cover with Paraffin Gauze and Wrap the wound with a Cotton Wool and Gauze or Sterile dDressing and Bandage on with a Cohesive Wrap

d) Sprains and Strains - Rub the Osmotic Gel into the affected area and cover to keep warm 

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