Greenies for Dogs 340g

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Greenis for Dogs - 340g pack

To aid in the maintenance of dental hygiene

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Greenies for Dogs - 340g


Did you know  80% of dogs suffer from dental disease by age 3.  Dental disease is the #1 health problem in dogs and especially prevalent in small or toy breed dogs.  Greenies can help turn this around. 

Greenies® helps removes plaque and tartar – even heavy deposits, reduces gingivitis, freshens breath and improves your dog’s overall oral health by helping to deter dental disease. When you begin feeding Greenies®, most pet owners notice an improvement in their dog’s teeth and breath in less than two weeks. For optimum dental health, one Greenies® fed daily is recommended but can be given up to twice daily.

Greenies® primary ingredients are specially processed wheat gluten, natural flavours, unique teeth cleaning ingredients and chlorophyll, which gives Greenies® their green colour. (note dogs with allergies to Wheat should not consume Greenies)

Choose the correct size Greenies® for your dog:

Teenie - for dogs 2-7kg
Petite - for dogs 7-11kg
Regular - for dogs 11-22kg
Large - for dogs 22-45kg
Jumbo - for dogs over 45kg

How will Greenies® help my Dog?

  • Cleans Teeth
  • Freshens Breath
  • Removes existing plaque and tartar
  • Prevents re accumulation of plaque and tartar
  • Contains no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
  • Improves digestion * Dogs Love the Taste! Other Benefits of Greenies
  • Greenies® contain no dyes, therefore they will not stain carpet or furniture
  • Greenies® will not leave crumbs
  • Greenies® will not splinter
  • Greenies® are high in protein
  • Greenies® are low in calories
  • Greenies® do not contain sugar
  • Greenies® are extremely palatable 

Greenies® recently became the first and only treat to receive the Veterinary Oral Health Council ® (VOHC ®) seal for both plaque and tartar. VOHC recognizes products that meet pre-set standards of plaque and calculus (tartar) retardation in dogs and cats.

Products receive the VOHC Seal of Acceptance following review of data from trials conducted according to strict VOHC protocols. Regular use of products carrying the VOHC Seal will reduce the severity of periodontal disease in pets. The VOHC Seal of Acceptance is endorsed by the following international veterinary dental organizations: American Veterinary Dental College (AVDC), European Veterinary Dental Society (EVDS), Australian Veterinary Dental Society, British Veterinary Dental Association (BVDA), the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry (AVD), and the American Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS). Independent studies performed on Greenies® prove that the green toothbrush-shaped treat significantly helps fight plaque and tartar. Feeding one nutritious Greenies® per day resulted in the following statistically significant results using a clean mouth model:

  • 62% reduction in calculus (tartar)
  • 14% decreased plaque formation
  • 33% reduction in gingivitis
  • 77% reduction in dental stain formation
  • 31% reduction in oral malodor (mean VSC score)
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