Hepadine 1L

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Equitec Hepadinen Liver and Kidney tonic

  • dull coat
  • lack of energy
  • poor appetite


Hepadine - Horse Supplement

Equitec Performance Products


Normal liver function can be compromised through the effects of toxins, infections (viruses), excessive use of drugs and excess nutrient consumption. A major cause of kidney failure is related to diabetes (i.e. over-consumption of grain). Symptoms of liver or kidney dysfunction may include:

  • dull coat
  • lack of energy
  • excessive yawning
  • increased urination
  • reduced performance
  • weight loss
  • poor appetite

WHY HEPADINE?  Hepadine may assist in cleansing the liver and the kidneys. Hepadine is a 10 day course and may be beneficial when used as a natural preventative or treatment for liver and kidneys. For best results use in combination with Clean Culture (for digestive support). Hepadine and Clean Culture Combo Packs are ideal for new horses, seasonal detox/cleanses and assisting recovery from stressful situations (eg sickness and/or travel). 

Dosage for an average horse:

30 mL morning and night for 14 days

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