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Hyfeed Big Head Pellets for the prevention of the condition Big Head, which is caused by an imbalance in the availability of calcium in the horses diet. The development of Big Head Pellets provides equine owners a simple way of delivering a balanced calcium phosphorus supplement which allows for maximum uptake of calcium in the diet and helps counter the effects of Big Head condition. Big Head is also suitable for feeding to broodmares and young stock, maximizing the availability of calcium in their diets. Benefits for your Equine Athlete Balanced calcium to phosphorous ratio Superior supplement for developing bones Easy to feed pellet-no mixing required

Big Head 20kd



‘Nutritional hyperparathyroidism’or BIG HEAD is a calcium deficiency caused by the imbalances in available minerals from the feeding of bran, pollard, kikuyu grass, buffel grass, pan- gola grass, para grass, setaria grass and pigweed.

The disease can develop within two months of putting horses onto problem feeds but more often it can take six to eight months. Low blood calcium increases the demineralisation of bone causing them to become weak and fragile with the nose and jawbones becoming swollen. Urine may be milky, muscle tremors
and twitching, may staggering gait, loss of appetite and ill thrift some of the recognised symptoms.  If left un-treated death can occur.

For best results , horses grazing problem pastures should be fed Big Head Supplement all year round

•    Horses with bighead feed 1 kg per day.

•    Horses at mustering camps up to 1 kg per day.

•    Paddock supplement, 500 gm per day.

•    Yearlings, for strong bones , 200 to 500 gm per day.

•    Mares, feed 3 months prior to service for improved fertility from 500 gm to 1 kg per day.

For All equines grazing on affected pastures or receiving pollard or bran based diets, broodmares and young horses.

Nutritional Analysis Per KG

Total Protein Min 12 % Selenium Min 0.3 mg/Kg
Crude Fat Min 4 % Zinc Min 78 mg/Kg
Salt Max 1 % Vitamin A    Min 20,000 IU/Kg  
Digestable Energy    
11 MJ/Kg Vitamin D Min 2,000 IU/Kg
Calcium Min 39 g/Kg Vitamin E Min 40 mg/Kg
Magnesium Min 11 g/Kg Vitamin K3 Min 2 IU/Kg
Phosphorus Min 10 g/Kg Vitamin B1 Min 4 mg/Kg
Sulphur Min 2 g/Kg Vitamin B2 Min 8 mg/Kg
Cobalt     Min 2.5 mg/Kg   
Vitamin B6 Min 4 mg/Kg
Copper Min 22 mg/Kg Vitamin B12 Min 0.02 mg/Kg
Iodine Min 2 mg/Kg Biotin Min 0.2 mg/Kg
Iron Max 155 % D-Calcium Pantothenate  
   Min 10 mg/Kg  
Manganese Min 80 mg/Kg Folic Acid Min 2 mg/Kg
Niacin Min 40 mg/Kg
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