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1 Equine Magnesium Oil for rapid absorption of magnesium into sore muscles

Magnesium Oil for Horses

Manufactured by 1 Equine

1 Equine  Magnesium OIl -  a liquid concentration of pure magnesium chloride

1 Equine Magnesium Oil is rapidly absorbed through the skin .  This liquid concentration of pure magnesium chloride provides speedy delivery of transdermal magnesium into the body, which ultimately assists with reclaiming optimum levels of this critically important mineral.

Magnesium is a key mineral supplement that is lost through sweat, common manufactured and processed racing diets (due to Phytic Acid content) and stress anxiety, fear and injuries.

Magnesium benefits include

Activates ATP (adenosine triphosphate) - the currency of cellular energy

Facilitates Muscle Health - 27% of Magnesium is found in muscles

Relieve muscle pain and inflamation

Reduce Cramps

Relax and balance the nervous system to help counter stress of racing

Removal of toxins and metals at a cellular level

Supports a healthy immune system

Spray or rub 20-30ml directly into the skin, including where muscles and joints are sore.


Every 30ml of 1Equine Magnesium Oil contains 3300mk of magnesium which is absorbed in as little as 30 minutes

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