Magnetic Horse Bell Boot - Single

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Dick Wicks Magnetic Bell Boot - One Size. Strategically positioned magnets help to repel pain and stiffness and attract soundness.

Magnetic Bell Boot

Dick Wicks

One Size - Drop od ~10.5cm, Suit horse with pastern circumfrance of 17-21cm

These magnetic horse boots have been vet-designed and developed to offer magnetic pain relief and to help your horse recover from lameness or exercise.

This boot covers the hoof, coronet and navicular regions.


  • Contains 14 famous Dick Wicks power magnets
  • 900 gauss strength per magnet.
  • Total Gauss strength 9000
  • Magnets strategically placed to envelop the hoof, coronet & navicular regions in a rich magnetic field.
  • Comfortable, cool cotton inner
  • Durable canvas outer
  • Heavy-duty fastener
  • Hand-washable
  • Contents : 1 boot - for a pair change qty to 2.

For general use no harm is done in using the product 24 hrs a day, although we recommend it be taken off periodically to clean and to allow the skin a chance to breathe.

Special care should be taken when the product gets wet . Moist skin can in time become infected. Best results are achieved when the product is used for a minimum of 4 hrs a day and left on for up to 14 hours a day, with a few hours break in between.

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