Medi-Vet Poultice 40cm * 20cm

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Medi-Vet Poultices are easy to use all purpose poultice and wound dressing. Can be used, Hot, Cold or Dry. Each Poultice contains Tragacanth and Boric Acid. It is a Poultice that is ideal for use on Horses and Dogs.

Medi-Vet Poultice
40cm x 20cm

Medi-Vet Medicated Poultice is an all purpose dressing ready to use.

Medi-Vet Poultice:

    • Is an All purpose Wound and dressing pad
    • Can be used hot or cold
    • Each Poultice contains Tragacanth and Boric Acid

Tragacanth is a naturally occuring gum obtained from the dried sap of several species of Middle Eastern legumes of the genus Astragalus, including A. adscendens, A. gummifer, and A. tragacanthus.

Gum tragacanth is a viscous, odorless, tasteless, water-soluble mixture of polysaccharides obtained from sap which is drained from the root of the plant and dried.  It absorbs water to become a gel, which can be stirred into a paste. The gum contains an alkaloid that has historically been used as an herbal remedy for such conditions as cough and diarrhea.As a mucilage or paste it has been used as a topical treatment for burns.

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