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More-Mag - The Amino Acid magnesium drench for improved protectio from magnesium deficiency


Looking for an easy to use no mess magnesium supplement for horses?

More-mag is a fast acting magnesium in a liquid form. It´s palatable, so it´s easily administered in the feed and one dose will give 7-10 days magnesium.

More-mag™ offers a sustainable solution for horses that don´t get enough magnesium through their normal dietary intake.

More-mag™ is retained in the body for a longer period of time than traditional magnesium supplementation and is available in a 2 Litre 'READY TO USE' Dispenser – no mixing, no stirring and no adding of flavours.

A 2 litre container will provide 20 * 100ml doses (or 200days) for a 450+ horse

More-mag – Your essential equestrian supplies for all horse breeds

More-mag benefits all horse breeds to aid in the prevention and treatment of magnesium deficiency.  Horse owners that use More-mag – Racing trainers and Equestrian riders have told us that More-mag is in their kit of essential equestrian supplies.  You can contact us or any of the suppliers of More-mag for an in-depth chat about how More-mag can work for you [link to suppliers  tab].

Magnesium deficiency is more likely to occur when horses are under the stress of exercise work, when there is a huge demand for magnesium by both the muscles and the neurological system (regardless of horse breeds). The stress of magnesium deficiency can make horses dangerous and unpredictable when being handled.  More-mag works fast to calm them down, if magnesium deficiency is the problem.  Horse breeds such as Thorobreds are renonwned for having a bit of attitude, but if your horse is still as highly strung 12 hours after being administered More-mag, contact your vet to troubleshoot what other equestrian supplies you may need.

In addition to when horses are in work, travelling, or competing, there is also a huge demand for magnesium during pregnancy and lactation.  Consider supplementing brood mares of all horse breeds with More-mag so that they don’t become magnesium deficient.  This has the added benefit of positively affecting the foal because young growing animals have high daily needs for magnesium too, particularly for healthy bone development.

Directions for use:

Dench once every 10 days or as directed by your vet

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