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Big Dog Muesli - Just add meat and you have a complete meal

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Muesli - 10kg

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Muesli - Big Dog

Big Dog

Big Dog Muesli is designed to be added to fresh meat in accordance the the principles of the BARF diet. 

Big Dog Muesli is a great accompaniment to our RAW patties range. Developed as a healthier alternative to dry food/ kibble, our muesli is a convenient way to keep your dog feeling fuller for longer.

Our Muesli is great for dogs who suffer from inflammation as it contains no wheat, corn, soy or other pro-inflammatory grains.

There is no need to soak our muesli – simply add it to your dogs meat patty and serve.

Great for dogs who:

  • Are always looking for food (need filling up)
  • Suffer from inflammation
  • Have high fibre needs

Big Dog Muesli contains:

Rolled oats, millet, alfalfa, molasses, cold-pressed flaxseed meal, split peas, kelp, cold-pressed flaxseed oil, cold-pressed rice-bran oil, fish oil.



Simply mix muesli with their raw mince, moisten with water if desired


Big Dog Muesli should not represent more than 1/3 of the meal.



Big Dog is an Australian Owned company and all Big Dog products are made in Australia.

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