NRG Calcium with Magesium and Selenium

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NRG Calcium with Magnesium and Selenium Horse feed supplement

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NRG Calcium with Magesium and Selenium 17kg

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Calcium with Magnesium and Selenium

Can’t stay on Mothers milk all their life!  So where DOES your horse get it’s calcium from?

Even experienced horse people do not realise that horses require a constant source of Calcium and Phosphorous to maintain body reserves.  These minerals are the building blocks for good bone growth and if not continually available then I think we all know the results.  Infact up to 99% of calcium in the horse in contained in bones and teeth so calcium is vital in maintaining healthy bones, cartilage and joints.

NRG Calcium - this is when it is needed.  

Between 25% -50% of calcium is excreted daily by working horse sweating freely, so you can see the vital necessity for maintaining satisfactory calcium levels.

Many areas of Australia are low or depleted in limestone, the building block for Calcium. An example is   the Yarra Valley, Victoria where one of the best limestone quarries is situated, yet much of the valley is Calcium deficient and old timers often comment “No wonder we see lots of leg problems”

The ideal calcium/phosphorous level in horses is 2Ca-1Ph.  Almost all grains and bran’s are high in Ph and low in Ca.  Therefore horses being stabled are kept in restricted areas will usually be hand fed and in general have higher Ph levels.

Here at the NRG Team we decided to formulate our calcium to provide high levels of cal and low PH levels to help assist in raising cal levels. 

Now a superfine powder with added vanilla for improved taste, be assured you will be helping your horse long term when supplementing your hose with NRG Calcium, Magnesium and Selenium.

    •    An essential mineral for helping build stronger bones, especially in younger stock. Many areas of Australia are very calcium deficient and supplementation is necessary to help maintain acceptable levels. Do you know between 25% and 50% of absorbed calcium is excreted .This is why daily replacement is so essential.
    •    Most cereal grains are high in Phosphorus and low in calcium. A balance ratio of 1:1 is desirable. It goes without saying that most stabled and horses restricted to small paddocks will not receive adequate calcium levels
    •    Reduced calcium to phosphorus levels can manifest in horses being stiff, reduced stride length and cramping.
    •    It also maintains bone structure in older horses. NRG Calcium is super fine and concentrate for better absorption. 60 gms per day is recommended for adult horses.

If considering lime or other calcium sources, remember to obtain an analysis and feeding rate. In the case of some limes, feeding rates can be as high as 200gm per day. That’s why our NRG Calcium is so popular. It’s concentrated for less waste.

To avoid waste, mix with Stockgain and add to feed.

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