Nutrimol Vitagran 5kg

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Nutrimol Vitagran

Vitagran® is recommended by Australian farmers, stock breeders and equestrians, who use it to help: Reduce incidence of loss of body weight (cobalt). Boost resistance to parasites and diseases (cobalt, copper and zinc) Reduce scouring and dehydration (cobalt & copper). Boost general health promoting healthy eyes, teeth, and coat (cobalt, copper and zinc). Reduce finishing times




Vitagran® Seaweed Meal is an organic feeding supplement for animal health. It is certified by NASAA as suitable for organic farming.

Vitagran® is ideal for the complex dietary requirements of beef, dairy cattle, sheep, dogs, alpacas, pigs, horses, emus and poultry.

Vitagran® is made entirely from seaweed, harvested from clean, unpolluted waters, then dried and pulverised.

Vitagran® is a rich nutritional package containing over 50 essential, naturally-balanced trace elements, minerals and amino acids, including vitamins A, B1 and E, copper, cobalt, magnesium and iron.

Vitagran® is clean, easy to handle powder granules, fed to stock in a container or mixed with their daily food rations and is absorbed within hours. Sub-clinical problems can be quickly remedied, with improvements in general health noticeable in 3-7 days.


Sodium Chloride 30-90 g/kg
Potassium 10-30 g/kg
Phosphorous .5-1.5 g/kg
Iodine .5-1.2 g/kg
Zinc 30-200 mg/kg
Copper 1-10 mg/kg
Choline 275 mg/kg
Caratine 20-60 mg/kg
Pantotene 7 mg/kg
Calcium 10-30 g/kg
Magnesium 5-10 g/kg
Iron .15-1 g/kg
Cobalt 12 mg/kg
Vitamin A 150 I.U./kg
Vitamin B1 200 micro g/kg
Niacin 10-30 mg/kg
Vitamin E 6.4 mg/kg

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