PetArk - Calm 200g

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PetArk Calm is a natural calmer for dogs and is ideal for different levels of stress arising from

  • Separation Anxiety
  • Dogs stress during thunderstorms
  • Dogs stressed by the VET
  • Training Stress

Calm 200g


Is your pet one of these... Vet hater? Rug wrecker? Furniture tackler? Neurotic cleaner? Obsessive possessive stalker? Bed wetter? Bad traveller? Vacuum cleaner freaker? Antisocial biter? Doggy obedience nutter? Or just plain SCARED??

Make a difference to your dog or cat's day by reducing their level of stress naturally. PetArk Calm assists in the maintenance of normal muscle and nerve function and contains a range of nutrients that have a role in assisting the transmission of nerve impulses.

This product contains:

Nutrients     Per kg   
Magnesium Phosphate


Vitamin B1


Vitamin B3 78g
Vitamin B6 34g
Passionflower Powder 10:1  
Hops Powder 10:1  
Chamomile Extract 10:1  

Dosage: PetArk Calm can be fed every day to reduce stress levels. Powder should be mixed with food once a day or as directed.

Small Dog (under 7kg) 1/8 spoon;

Medium Dog (up to 20kg) 1/4 spoon

Large Dog (over 20kg) 1/2

Did you know that PetArk Calm can be used just when needed? You can give it to your FREAKED OUT pet before travelling in the car, or on New Years Eve!

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