Recharge for Greyhounds

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RECHARGE rapidly replenishes electrolytes and fluids after travelling and racing.

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Recharge for Dogs rapidly replenishes electrolytes and fluids after travelling and racing.

Recharge provides a rapid restoration of fluid and vitality. The formulation is specifically matched to the needs of the hard working dog, containing:

*  a high potassium to sodium ratio, important for nerve and muscle function.

*  Citrate salt as a buffering agent and

*  Glucose to enhance rapid uptake of electrolytes.

Suitable for:

    * Racing/travelling greyhounds
    * Working dogs
    * Nursing bitches
    * Dehydrated dogs, due to illness or heat stress


    * Rapidly replenishes electrolytes and fluids.
    * Contains glucose for energy and rapid absorption of electrolytes.
    * Rapid restoration of vitality.

Why use Recharge?

    * Recharge is the only sports drink designed specifically for greyhounds.
    * Recharge has a palatable cheese flavour making it easy for dogs to drink
    * Handy, portable pack to administer at events
    * Combats fluid and electrolyte loss immediately


  5 mL of Recharge contains  
    Sodium    0.14g   
    Potassium 0.15g
    Chloride 0.22g 
    Phosphate 0.09g
   Citrate 0.06g
   Magnesium   0.02g   
   Sulfate 0.06g
   Glucose 1.3g
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