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Sprinter Gold Muscle-Pro. Branched Chain Amino Acids for Greyhounds.

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Sprinter Gold

MUSCLE  PRO™ contains human quality high protein whey powder isolates, with other nutrient co-factors for optimum muscle protein and energy synthesis - without herbs, hormones or gimmicks.

The natural source Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) of L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine are complemented by natural glutamine, lysine, aspartic acid and threonine, as well as a complete range of other amino acids, which are often low or inadequate in the diet of growing and racing greyhounds.  

The inclusion of organic chelated zinc, natural source RRR vitamin E, organic sulphur, as well as organic chelated manganese and Vitamin B6, complement the BCAAs in helping to maintain the muscles.

It contains over 70% high quality crude protein to facilitate natural protein and energy synthesis in exercising muscles which have a role in the recovery process after racing, as well as maintaining muscle bulk between races.  Within 10-14 days after starting on MUSCLE  PRO™, trainers find that weak, slabby sided racers and finely built bitches, have the muscle power and strength to win races.  

Extensive field trials over a 3 year period on hundreds of racing greyhounds have concluded that when used daily as directed within 15 to 20 minutes after a brisk walk or sprint-up, greyhounds are able to maintain adequate muscle between races with only an occasional top-up course of MUSCLE  PRO™.

Many trainers give MUSCLE  PRO™ for 2 days before race day, on race day and for 2 days after each race to help maintain optimum muscle bulk and strength.  This can enable a greyhound to race more often and maintain the strength and speed to win.  Dose rates for growing pups and aged, injured or retired greyhounds are also included on the label directions.


Muscle-ProTM is a specific nutritional supplement or “muscle-food” for muscle development. It does not contain hormones, herbs or other non-natural or detectable ingredients.

Q. Why choose whey powder isolates as the amino acid source in Muscle-ProTM?
A. Whey powder isolates contain 80% crude protein, which are a natural and concentrated source of protein building amino acids. They are a rich, natural source of the three branched chain amino acids, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine which are the primary “building blocks” of muscle, blood and tissue protein. They are provided in the natural “L” form which are better absorbed and utilised than the synthetic forms of these important amino acids often found in BCAA pastes and other muscle supplements.

Q. The label states that Muscle-ProTM contains L-glutamine. What are its benefits?
A. Glutamine is widely regarded as the “muscle recovery” amino acid which is taken up preferentially from the small intestine within a short time after exercise to replenish blood levels and assist muscle repair and recovery, especially after strenuous exercise, such as a greyhound race. Muscle-ProTM contains a high level of natural L-glutamine, as well as L-Lysine and L-Threonine, all of which are often low in greyhound diets to meet the needs of muscle recovery and development in response to exercise.

Q. Muscle-ProTM contains natural source d-α-RRR Vitamin E, organic zinc and other nutrients. Why?
A. These nutrients are complementary to the branched chain amino acids involved in the synthesis of protein in muscles. The natural source RRR isomer of Vitamin E has the highest biological activity of all vitamin E sources and is included in Muscle-ProTM to complement its high quality whey isolates.
Many of these nutrients are contained in other supplements, not every trainer uses supplements, or feeds containing adequate amounts of these “built-in” nutrients to optimise the benefits from Muscle-ProTM.

Q. What type of greyhounds benefit from Muscle-ProTM?
A. Young greyhounds, particularly finely built bitches and immature greyhounds being broken in or entering a race training program, are likely to benefit from a course of Muscle-ProTM.    Such a course will help to maintain muscle development and strength of their backline and hindquarter muscles. “Slabby” sided greyhounds or those recovering from muscle loss following injury especially benefit from Muscle-ProTM over a 7-10 day supple- ment course. Muscle-ProTM does not put on fat, only muscle in response to exercise.

Q. When should Muscle-ProTM be given to aid muscle development?
A. Ideally, it is best to give a 7-10 day course of Muscle-ProTM when a greyhound first comes into work. Best results are obtained if the animal is exercised just prior to giving the supplement.    Greyhounds resting due to muscle injuries or during a break in training will also benefit if they are walked to get them warmed up before giving Muscle-ProTM. It also helps aged and retired greyhounds in conjunction with walking exercise.

Q. How long after exercise should Muscle-ProTM be given?
A. The uptake of glutamine as the primary recovery amino acid occurs within 15-30 minutes following exercise. Therefore, to ensure optimum uptake of glutamine for recovery and the branched chain amino acids required for muscle development, Muscle-ProTM should be given to a greyhound in training within the 15 minute period following a walk, or preferably a short sprint or free-running hand-slip. As long as the animal has “warmed up” by the exercise, Muscle-ProTM will start to provide nutrients for muscle development when given within this 15 minute period.

Q. Does too long a course of Muscle-ProTM have an adverse effect ?
A. Because Muscle-ProTM ‘feeds’ the muscles with branched chain amino acids and other protein building co-factors, once the desired muscle bulk is achieved, continuing Muscle-ProTM on a daily dose may further in- crease muscle bulk and body weight. This may result in a “muscle bound” appearance, which can slow a racing greyhound. Regular monitoring of the muscle response is important.

Q. If a training day is missed during the 7-10 day course of Muscle-ProTM, is it of benefit to give Muscle-ProTM on that day?
A. If the greyhound can be walked for half a mile to empty out and warm up during a rest day, Muscle-ProTM given within 15 minutes after a short walk, will still have benefit. However, if more than 3 consecutive training days are missed, then the course may have to be extended for a few more days to ensure optimum benefit.

Q. Is Muscle-ProTM of benefit just prior and after a race?
A. Yes. Short courses for 2-3 days prior to each race, and for 2 days following a race, can help to optimise muscle strength for racing and recovery after racing to help maintain muscle mass. Many trainers find that their greyhounds race more strongly and are able to remain fit and in training for longer periods between rest ups by giving Muscle-ProTM just prior to and after racing.

Q. Does Muscle-ProTM help recovery of the muscles after injury or sickness, or in aged greyhounds?
A. Yes. Often a greyhound may need to be rested following a muscle injury to allow repair processes.  A daily supplement of Muscle-ProTM given as a muscle ‘food’ during this time may help repair and recovery. In retired, aging greyhounds, especially following illness, short 4-5 day courses of Muscle-ProTM are useful to maintain the muscles and recovery, preferably after the greyhound has been walked to warm-up so that it will obtain the best benefit from the Muscle-ProTM

Q. If my greyhound refuses to eat Muscle-ProTM sprinkled over a small snack of food after exercise; can I give a dose over the tongue to ensure he gets the full amount?
A. Yes. Muscle-ProTM is formulated to mix into luke-warm water to make a thick slurry or paste which can be given over the greyhound’s tongue following exercise. This method is ideal for sick or injured greyhounds and retired greyhounds where their appetite and interest in food may be reduced.

Q. Can Muscle-ProTM be given to racing whippets and other sporting dogs?
A. Yes. The supplementary rate is proportional to body weight, so a racing whippet, for example can be given 6g (1/2 scoopful) as directed to help maintain the muscles. It is best to limit larger sporting dogs to 12g daily.

Q. Does Muscle-ProTM swab?
A. No. Its ingredients are purely natural and based on common nutritional compounds which are safe and contained in many foods.

Q. What pack sizes are available?
A. Muscle-ProTM is available in a 300gram pack, sufficient for one greyhound for 25 days, or 2 standard courses
of Muscle-ProTM.

The 800 gram pack provides 66 x 12g daily doses, or sufficient to give a course to 6 greyhounds in larger

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