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Sprinter GOLD Results Plus - The most concentrated trace-mineral and vitamin supplement available for Racing Greyhounds.

  • Sprinter Gold Results Plus is formulated to meet the specific needs of racing greyhounds with a wide range or nutrients which have roles in red blood cell formation, muscle, tendon, nerve, digestive and metabolic functions to help maintain general health, skin and overall vitality.
  • NO ADDED Cobalt

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Results Plus

Sprinter Gold

All trainers want optimum race RESULTS from their greyhounds. RESULTS Plus™ helps to correct dietary shortfalls of a full range of micro-nutrients which are essential for optimum metabolic function.  It is formulated to meet the elevated needs of racing greyhounds with essential nutrients which have roles in metabolic, muscle and nerve function.  These foster optimum energy supply and utilisation during sprint exercise. 

The wide range of essential nutrients also have roles in maintaining the immune system, the appetite and vitality, as well as a healthy coat.  

RESULTS Plus™ provides trace-minerals, many in organic or chelated form, to make up the shortfalls in the normal content of a meat and dry food based diet relative to the scientific needs of a sprinting greyhound.

All the trace-minerals which could be incompatible with Vitamins in the formulation, such as copper and iron, are included in a fully organic form to help avoid damage to vitamins.  Vitamins which are easily destroyed by harmful nutrient interactions are included in a coated form to protect them.  The full range of active antioxidants, including the natural source RRR form of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and organic selenium in optimum concentrations, are present to help miminise damaging oxidative processes in rapidly contracting muscle cells when sprinting.

RESULTS Plus™ is just not a copy of other products.  It is a new innovative supplement to help ensure that your greyhound achieves the race results which you want.  Palatability is ensured by a tasty yeast base.  Extensive field trials prove that it helps optimise health and performance at an affordable price.

Directions and Dosage

Each Scoopful (small end) fo Sprinter Gold Results Plus provides a 4g dose.

Sprinkle the Daily dosage over the main meal.  In lactating bitches being fed 2 meals per day, add half the daily amount to each meal.  Sprinter Gold is a concentrated supplement.  If you are feeding an amount of 10g daily commence on a half dose daily increasing it over 3-4 days until the full dose is accepted.  Always ensure ther is an adequate supply of clean fresh water daily.

Supplementary Rates:

Meat and Kibble Based Diets
Racing Greyhounds     27-34kg Early Training and Racing     4g daily 
  Pre-race Dosage  6g per night for 2 days prior to racing
   Post-race Dosage  6g on the day after a race or trial then revert to standard daily dose
 Resting Greyhounds     2g  daily
 Racing Whippets  Early Training and Racing   2g daily
  Pre-race Dosage   3g per night for 2 days prior to racing
  Post-race Dosage   3g on the day after a race or trial then revert to standard daily dose
Kibble Only Based Diets
Half the Recommend daily dose above -  A separate calcium and phosphorous supplement is recommended to meet the need of a racing greyhound.


For dogs on a complete Kibble Based Diet Halve the daily dose.

Active Ingredients

Each 1kg of Results Plus contains:

Bone Minerals   Vitamin Co-factors  
Calcium (as Hydrogen Phoshate &  Carbonate)  75g  Vitamin A ( Retinol)   200mg (666,666IU)   
Phosphorous (as Hydrogen Phosphate)  50g  Vitamin B1 (Tiamine HCL) 1200mg
Magnesim (as Oxide)  30g  Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 2250mg
     Vitamin B3 (Niacin)  2500mg
 Essential Trace Elements
   Vitamin B5 (Calcium Panththenate)   1750mg
 Copper (Organic Proteinate)  1200mg  Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) 800mg
 Zinc (Organic Proteinate)     3750mg    Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 7500μg
 Manganese (Organic Proteinate)  2000mg  Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)  25mg (100,000IU)
 Iron (Organic Proteinate)  5000mg  Vitamin E (d-α-RRR-Trocopherol Acetate)  5333mg (10,000IU)
  Iodine (as Iodine) 100mg  Vitamin H (biotin)  250mg
 Selenium (Organic Proteinate)  10mg  Vitamin K3 (Menadione Sodium Bisulphate)  375mg
 Chromium (Organic Proteinate) 20mg  Folic Acid 200mg
     Vitamin C  37.5g
Also Contains      
Sodium Chloride    30g     
Potassim (as Chloride) 30g    
 Choline (as Chloide) 1800mg    
 Min Crude Protein 3.4%    
 Min Crude Fat 1.1%    
 Min Salt (NaCl) 3%    
 Min Crude Fibre  1.6%    

This supplement also contains debittered yeast as a source of digestble amino acids, nucleotides and important micronutrients to help maintain normal digestive function and help accepatnce of the supplement when mixed with food.

The source of Copper and Iron are only in organic yeast chelated form to ensure optimum uptake during digestion and eliminate mineral interation with itamins A E and C in the formulation.


Results-Plus™ has been especially formulated to meet the elevated needs of racing greyhounds by providing a wide range of nutrients which have roles in bone strength and maintenance, as well as muscle, nerve and metabolic function to help maintain speed, performance and vitality. Careful selection and balance of organic calcium and “chelated” trace-minerals and coated vitamins to avoid nutrient damaging interactions, helps ensure that the supplement has optimum benefit in correcting a low or inadequate intake of essential bone minerals and micronutrients to maintain metabolism, appetite, vitality and well-being in a racing greyhound.

Q. Which nutrients are included in Results Plus™ in higher amounts to satisfy the elevated needs of a racing greyhound?

A. Studies have shown that a number of specific nutrients are important to meet the elevated demands of a racing greyhound. These demands include the maintenance of bone structure, especially on high meat diets and metabolic processes and obtain the optimum benefits from the high energy ration fed to help ensure maximum performance on a repeated basis. These include;

  • Increased content of Vitamin A to help maintain tendon and ligament strength.
  • An adequate intake of Vitamin D to complement the reduced opportunity for natural skin synthesis of Vitamin D from short time exposure to UV light. Kennelling greyhounds indoors and the traditional early morning and evening walking times when UV light is reduced, also hampers natural synthesis of Vitamin D in the skin.
  • Additional iron, copper and trace amounts of manganese, Vitamin B12 and folic acid help ensure the dietary intake is adequate, this is important where white meat based diets such as chicken or fish, which are low in these nutrients, are required to meet the higher demands for red blood cell synthesis to carry oxygen to rapidly contracting muscles during a race. *Inclusion of nutrients such as organic chromium, organic silicon, choline and higher levels of B group vitamins facilitate metabolic function and energy utilisation. 
  • Results Plus™ has NO ADDED COBALT. 

Q. The formulation provides calcium and phosphorus. Is it possible to meet the full daily requirement for bone minerals in the diet of a racing greyhound with Results Plus™?

A. Th daily need for calcium to maintain bone strength in a racing greyhound is up to 3,000mg daily.  It is impossible to provide so much calcium in a small economical dose of a product. However, the scientific formulation of Results PlusTM which uses prodominately an organic form of calcium, has enabled adequate calcium and bone minerals to be included in a standard 10g daily dose for a racing greyhound. Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are supplied relative to the greyhound’s age, stage of training and the content of bone minerals in the dry food to ensure an adequate intake to offset low levels in common meat based feeds. The need to provide additional calcium to satisfy these requirements can vary relative to the type of dry food in the diet and the level to which it is fortified. Excess calcium intake can result in low overall uptake if the calcium to phosphorus ratio above 4 parts of calcium to 1 part of phosphorus in the diet. The optimum ratio is 2 calcium to 1 phosphorus.

Too high a content of calcium in an ‘all-in-one’, supplement, has well established disadvantages by affecting the uptake of other nutrients from the diet. When the calcium is released during digestion in the small bowel, it act to compete for absorption sites to reduce the uptake of trace-minerals, such as magnesium, iron, zinc and manganese, which are all essential for health, blood building and metabolism. The special organic form of calcium used in Results PlusTM overcomes this type of competition with other nutrigents.

The calcium content in Results-PlusTM is acidified to help calcium uptake and maintain a balance between calcium and phosphorus in the blood. 

Q. What does it mean to include “chelated” trace-minerals?

A. It is widely acknowledged that organic or “chelated” trace-minerals similar to those in common foods, such as copper, zinc and manganese are absorbed more effectively, with a reduced risk of interaction and interference with uptake with minerals, such as calcium and magnesium when contained in the same supplement. The chelate is an amino acid “chelate”, which helps shield the trace-mineral with a “cover” of amino acids, to help minimise these interactions, and any risk of damaging effect on Vitamin E and other vitamins in the formulation.

Furthermore, trace-minerals such as iron and copper which are important for haemoglobin synthesis and muscle cell oxygen source as in myoglobin, are more effectively absorbed in a fully “chelated” form, such as contained in Results-Plus™. Fully chelated organic selenium (as selenium yeast) is also better absorbed and less toxic, compared to cheaper organic selenates and selenites used in feeds and other supplements. Studies indicate that inorganic mineral selenites have a pro-oxidative role in the feed to reduce the effects of antioxidants added in supplements. Chromium, a trace-mineral in low amonts in an organic yeast has been proven to be non-toxic, Results-Plus™ helps protein assimilation and sugar

Q. When comparing labels on greyhound supplements, Results-Plus™ contains natural source d-α-RRR-tocopherol as the form of Vitamin E. Does it have additional benefits? Q. Is balance between the nutrients in a supplement more important to ensure the optimum benefit, rather than sheer quantity of nutrients?

A. The RRR form of natural source Vitamin E is considered to have up to twice the biological activity of other sources of Vitamin E. It is included as a coated form of RRR-Vitamin E to ensure utmost stability. The iron and copper in ResultsPlus™ are both in ‘chelated’ form to help minimise the risk of nutrient interaction with Vitamin E and Vitamin C during storage of the supplement, as well as when mixed into the feed.

Q.  Is Balance between the nutrients in a supplement more important to ensure the optimum benefit, rather that sheer Quantity of nutrients?

A. Yes. Results-Plus™ has been formulated to provide a careful balance between nutrients to correct likely deficiencies in a greyhound’s diet, without harmful or wasteful excesses. It is important to realise that in nutritional terms, more of everything is not better. The balance between the nutrients and the form of nutrients used to optimise uptake and reduce damaging interactions, is much more important than sheer quantity. Many other products claim more trace-minerals, for example, but poorly available inorganic carbonates and potentially destructive oxides are often included as the source of the trace-mineral. Results Plus™ also contains yeast nucleotides as important are DNA amino acid ‘building blocks’ which help liver metabolism and metabolic function in the mitochondria of muscle cells which have a role in more efficient energy use during rapid muscular activity.

Q. Is it necessary or beneficial to add other specific supplements to the diet in addition to Results Plus™.

A. Result Plus™ is a comprehensive and nutrient balanced formulation. It is formulated as a diet ‘foundation’ supplement to provide an optimum, balanced intake of all trace-minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients, as well as salt, potassium and magnesium, to meet day to day needs in training. It contains a higher amount of antioxidants, such as the RRR form of Vitamin E, organic selenium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C which meet the needs for training, as compared to other general supplements. An additional antioxidant supplement, such as Sprinter Gold ACE™, is recommended for the day before each race, and for 1-2 days after each race to help optimise muscle function and recovery, especially for greyhounds being raced on a weekly basis.

Q. Why is a recommendation not included on the label of Results-Plus™ for growing and breeding greyhounds?

A. Sprinter Gold ® Whelp ‘n’Grow™ is specifically formulated for breeding and growing greyhounds. . A. Results-Plus™ is available in 3 pack sizes relative to the number of greyhounds in the racing kennel. The 1.5kg packs, provide 150 standard 10g doses standard daily doses for a greyhound in training. The 4.0kg pack provides 400 standard daily doses for a larger kennel. The 9.0kg pack provides 900 standard 10g doses for larger kennel use.

Please Note: Results-Plus™ contains NO ADDED COBALT in the recently revised formulation. It will not contravene the Rules of Racing in regards to the administration of cobalt to racing greyhounds. Results-Plus™ can be administered on the day prior to racing

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